Ulele Spring Brewery: From Grain To Glass

The 2,100-square-foot Ulele Spring Brewery in front of our beer garden creates 15 U.S. barrels (465 gallons) per brew. We offer fresh-brewed lagers and ales using only the finest malted grains, hops, yeast, fresh fruit and locally sourced honey. We create these beers using American equipment with no artificial preservatives of any kind.


Brewery tours are available on request.

Ulele Spring Brewery On Tap

  • Rusty's Red - Amber lager delivers clean bitterness on the front of the palate. Finishes with caramel and roasted chocolate notes.
  • Water Works Pale Lager – Blended with domestic and imported hops. Pleasant mineral dryness followed by a citrusy finish. Signature beer to pair with chargrilled oysters.
  • Ulele Light Lager – Reinheitsgebot and Krausened International Pale Lager. Floral, noble bitterness. Dry and clean finish.
  • Magbee’s Honey Lager – Locally sourced honey drives this semi-sweet golden/amber lager's flavor. Pairs well with pork.
  • Wedding Beer – Traditional unfiltered lager infused with a light blend of natural black and red berries. Fruit balances with light malt in a delicate finish.
  • Hydration Station - A clean-flavored, low-carb Mexican-style, light ultra lager.

Rotating Seasonal Selections

  • The Triple "B" Barrel – Blackberry infused Black Ale barrel-aged. Loaded with chocolate, blackberry and oak flavors. 7.5 percent ABV. 
  • DryFall - A dry hopped Octoberfest beer, floral and citrusy on the nose. Toasty with a delicate, balanced malt finish. 5 percent ABV.
  • Hibiscus Street – Light lager infused with Florida Cranberries, pronounced sweet cranberry flavor reminiscent of a framboise without the tart sourness, 3.5 percent ABV.

Seasonal selections may vary and have limited availability.  Please ask your server for today's inspired beers on tap. 


Ulele Spring Brewery: Awards

U.S. Open Beer Championship, July 2016

  • Silver for American Light Lager, Hydration Station

Annual Brewers's Ball- Florida Beer Championships, March 2016

  • Bronze for the American light lager, Ulele Light

Annual Brewers's Ball- Florida Beer Championships, March 2015

  • Silver for the American light lager, Ulele Light
  • Bronze for the American amber lager, Rusty's Red


Timothy Shackton – Head Brewmaster

A native of Clearwater, Tim is a veteran commercial brewmaster, with strong roots in the brewing industry. His great grandfather John was a saloon owner in the thriving downtown Milwaukee area in the early 1900s. Tim's uncle James, an engineer working with Reynolds Aluminum in collaboration with Miller Brewing, developed the cost-saving dimple in the bottom of beer cans. After attending St. Cecelia Parochial School and Dunedin High School, Tim – like his father – joined the Marines. When Tim returned from Desert Storm, he accepted a position with Hops Grill and Brewery as a brewer's apprentice. Under the tutelage of John Schwarzen of Anheuser-Busch fame, Tim learned the art of brewing and led a team that built brewpubs throughout Florida. He and his uncle opened and ran Shackton's Frozen Custard and Burgers in Largo. He also worked at Total Wine and Darden Restaurants.


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